Западно-Американская епархия
Западно-Американская епархия
Гуманитарная помощь в Украину, Пасхальный базар, 17 апреля

The Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco is holding a fundraiser where all proceeds will benefit UKRAINIAN REFUGEE HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS.We are pleased to announce Babushka’s Take ’N Bake Pascha Bazaar

We humbly ask that you share this information with your community/parish by email, bulletin and print outs to be posted/handed out.

Babushka’s Take ’N Bake Pascha Bazaar will feature items that may be purchased for your Pascha celebration including Cocktail Piroshki and Kotletki, Pirog, Beef Stroganoff, Pelmeni, Russian Pate, and other items. Since it is Palm Sunday, we will also be selling HOT Salmon Pirog by the slice.  

On Pick Up Day, Sunday, April 17 (from 9 am to 1 pm) local vendors will be selling Pascha-related gifts, kulich, and pascha and we will have a KULICH decorating workshop for the children.

All orders may be placed TODAY (including reserving limited spaces for the Kulich Workshop) at our website.  

Thank you for your community support!

Katya Able
HVC Fundraising Committee

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